WordPress Symbols

Ever wonder how to get the © or ™ to show up within your text on your WordPress website? I always seem to be Googling around for the answer, then of course the keystroke commands are different for a Mac vs. PC and it is just a waste of time. Did you know that you […]

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Twitter | Click to Share

Trying to get people to shout out content from your blog posts?  You can either code this yourself or use a plugin such as Click to Tweet. Do you read the Co-Schedule blog?  They have some great content and by pre-composing a Tweet it makes it a no brainer to share. If you are purist […]

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trends in website design

We all know by now that you need to make sure your website is responsive (which means it responds nicely to the size of the screen it is being viewed on – huge desktop monitor down to a mobile phone). WordPress has loads of themes to choose from, I like Divi, but you have lots […]

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Pro Tip for The Divi Theme

If you are forging into your freelance career as a WordPress website designer, I welcome you to the business.  In some spaces we could be considered competition; however I have found so much camaraderie and support among fellow designers that I consider us a team. I get lots of emails from people who are just starting […]

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06 May May 06, 2015

Spring Round Up

Eileen Lonergan 0 WordPress Design
Spring Round UP

How is everyone?  Spring Fever hit?  I went on a bit of a cleaning jag and threw out an embarrassing amount of stuff from my office.  I feel as though I have lost five pounds.  After our long winter in New England I can stand to remove another five, so I may have at it […]

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04 May May 04, 2015

User Interface Layouts | Designing Pages

Eileen Lonergan 0 Design Tips
project deck for web designer

You may recall on my Christmas Gift Guide post I talk about a cool deck of cards that show you a variety of options on how you may layout your pages.  The same concept can be found in this one (long graphic). Note: Check out my Mother’s Day Gift Guide. It’s actually impressive to see how […]

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the dig

Suddenly diagonals are all the rage in web design, and if you are like me you: 1. Want to know how to get that look. 2. Which clients you can call and talk them into a makeover. I am going to show you, even you with the most limited skill, how to get the hot […]

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15 Apr April 15, 2015

Web Design Trends for 2015

Eileen Lonergan 5 Design Tips
trends in website design

I love a trend.  In real life I have basically worn the same type of clothes / hair / make up, and I am not a huge shopper, but I do really enjoy watching trends with technology and how that trickles down into websites.  Always, navigation should be first concern in design in my opinion and […]

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Pro Tip for The Divi Theme

A great business strategy is to target a niche market and become the Guru.  Sometimes you find yourself as a Guru of something unexpected, my friend Laura Huer is a perfect example, one grateful roofer client introduced her to another, and he told two friends, and so on and so on and before she knew […]

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28 Mar March 28, 2015

How to Delight Your Customers

Eileen Lonergan 4 Business
how to delight your customers

I came across this infographic on Pinterest and I think there are some really good suggestions for any business owner to consider as part of their customer service. Before you jump into on boarding any of these suggestions, I encourage you to think a little bit about what makes sense for YOU and your clients.  For example […]

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Pro Tip for The Divi Theme

This has happened two me twice in the past two weeks and the fix is super quick, so let me help you solve it and you can get back to doing great work. In my case, I had used the Divi Page Builder to create a Custom Blog page. I had a nice full width […]

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12 Mar March 12, 2015

New Project | The Elegant Marketplace

Eileen Lonergan 9 WordPress
Elegant Marketplace

I wanted to share with you a new project that I am really delighted to be a part of: the launch of a new website / business venture called Elegant Marketplace.  A brief history, in June of 2014 I created a Facebook Group, Divi Theme Users, which consisted of four friends I had from the […]

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02 Mar March 02, 2015

I Am A Judge | CSS Hero Giveaway

Eileen Lonergan 5 WordPress Design
CSS Hero | Get a Free Copy

Do you use CSS Hero?  It is a premium plugin for WordPress, which allows you to tweak your CSS, from the front end of your site, grab the code and paste it into your customization file. This plugin is for you if: You are not a CSS pro. Thought you were a CSS pro, then […]

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lewis howes | school of greatness

I love a podcast.  I do a lot of driving and find podcasts are a great way to learn and be entertained while I am in the car.  About two years ago the husband found the podcast to which I am most addicted: Lewis Howes, the School of Greatness.  The episode was with Biggest Loser […]

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21 Feb February 21, 2015

My Curated List of Top Free Resources for Web Design

Eileen Lonergan 9 web design
free website design tools

We all like free stuff.  If you are just getting your feet wet as a website designer, or if your business is in start up mode, saving every penny helps.  Or, if you are like me, or most of my clients, you often like to see things before you purchase (there are a lot of mind […]

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14 Feb February 14, 2015

Color Tools for Your Next Web Design Project

Eileen Lonergan 4 WordPress Design
color design tools

I have mentioned my buddy Mike formally known as Michael the Tech Guy before and thanks to him we are bringing you a post on color. Mike and I grew up together and were assigned as partners as Photographers for our high school Yearbook decades ago. We may have been an unlikely match up, but our […]

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Customize Divi Site | Divi Booster

First things first.  If you leave a comment you have a chance to win the plugin for FREE or  if you sign up for the Developer of the Plugins email list you will get a discount.  (Note: the winner has been announced and notified.  She is delighted.  Keep commenting, I love it!) I have had […]

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31 Jan January 31, 2015

Do’s and Don’ts for Websites

Eileen Lonergan 2 WordPress Design
web designs | wordpress designer | boston

Note: The infographic below, while super helpful, has typo’s.  I apologize.  I am leaving it on my blog because, heck we all make mistakes now and again, and for me, the value outweighs the negatives.  Thank you to my helpful readers who pointed this out.   I appreciate the feedback and I VALUE YOUR READERSHIP […]

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Divi Theme for WordPress

Gosh, I hope that I am using the correct words to explain what I am trying to show you.  By default the Divi Theme uses huge images to go along with your blog posts.  For one particular client I wanted to style the blog to have more of a traditional look – smaller images to […]

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After the recession hit in 2008 and marketing budgets around the world collapsed, there were a few people who predicted the worst. Marketing budgets were totally decimated, slashed beyond recognition, and thousands of marketers were suddenly back on the job or client search. Some people predicted that they would never recover. For a while this […]

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