11 Dec December 11, 2014

Setting Goals for Your Web Design Business

Eileen Lonergan 6 Entrepreneurs
Setting Goals for Your Web Design Business

I love a year in review, which if you have been a reader here for a while, you know.  Last year I told you to watch out for Alison Levine, author of On the Edge: The Art of High-Impact Leadershiphit the New York Times Best Seller List, In 2010 I gave you what was most […]

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07 Dec December 07, 2014

A Chance to Win!

Eileen Lonergan 2 WordPress

Mike Killan of Sell Your Service got in touch with me via the Divi Theme Facebook Page and asked if I would be a guest on his podcast, why YES, of course I would! I love getting the chance to speak with new people about their businesses, answering questions really makes you think about your […]

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02 Dec December 02, 2014

Office Decor

Eileen Lonergan 2 Just for Fun
office decor

In an age where you can run your digital empire from your cell phone, on a subway, in the middle of the night, makes the concept of “office” seem completely unnecessary. So if you have mastered the 4 Hour Work Week and are living the nomad working from the road lifestyle, I bow down to […]

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gift guide for web designer

I put together this huge list of options for you to choose from for the web designer on your list. If you are like me, you would rather go to the dentist and have your wisdom teeth put back into your head than brave a trip to the mall, so all of these items can […]

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21 Nov November 21, 2014

CSS Cheat Sheet for Dummies

Eileen Lonergan 0 WordPress Design
Pro Tip for The Divi Theme

I have been doing the web design gig for a while now, and I have not gotten tired of it (yet) because every day things are changing. When I started, even with WordPress, I had to create image files in Photoshop to upload (via ftp) to change the background color of nav bar. Even though […]

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14 Nov November 14, 2014

Add Icon Fonts To Your Main Menu

Geno Quiroz 6 WordPress Design

Adding Icon Fonts to your website has never been easier thanks to Awesome Fonts and the folks over at BootstrapCDN. They have made it possible to import over 479 icons to your website with a single line of code. You no longer have to download or install anything! WooHoo. You can do your happy dance […]

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Divi Theme for WordPress

One of the most flexible and interesting features of the Divi Theme is the ability to use CSS ID’s and CSS Classes.  Don’t have a clue as to what they mean, no worries let me explain. CSS: Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a style sheet language used for describing the look and formatting of a […]

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women owned businesses

I have never posted about being a “working mom” or integrating a “work life balance”, because I find both terms annoying, and generally insulting.  Work is part of life and regardless of gender, if you have littles in your life, you are hustling. Last week I got a lovely email from Veronika Berg, who lives […]

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I ran an experiment on my website involving having a simple contact form in the footer of each page in addition to my standard contact page. What I found was interesting. By making a simple contact form easily accessible and visible on the bottom of each page, I was contacted through this form more often […]

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Getting New Web Design Clients

Recently I have been working with a lot of people who are just starting in their web design / digital marketing career.  Popular issues people want to discuss are: How much should I charge to build a website? How do I know if a project or potential client is a good fit for me? As […]

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Plugin to Aggregate Social Media Shares

Really, do we really need another tool to tell us if we are popular?  I thought all of that could just stay in the vault after you got out of high school. I am here to tell you: If you have a blog, you want to know how your posts are being received / shared […]

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01 Nov November 01, 2014

Coaching the Coach

Eileen Lonergan 2 Design Tips
Jan Wolfgarten | Divi Theme Coaching

I had the great pleasure of working with Jan Wolfgarten, European swimming champion and coach to the 2014 Ironman Champion! Jan travels throughout Germany and gives swimming clinics to help people who are training for competition. I was really tempted to tell him the story about how I won the Triathlon Sprint Competition at my […]

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31 Oct October 31, 2014

You Too Can Become a CSS Ninja

Geno Quiroz 6 web design, WordPress

When I got back into the world of web design a few years ago I realized a lot had changed. First of all, what happened to the AOL dial up tone? Come on now, I know some of you out there remember this. Kids (born after 1990), this is what it sounded like to connect […]

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lign bullets around an image in WordPress

It makes me nuts every time I try to align my bullets that appear next to an image in WordPress because the bullets align around the image, instead of forming a nice line up of organized soldiers. This is my before:   It was particularly bothersome as the client is a Charlotte NC Chiropractor, so […]

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Geno Quiroz | Divi Theme tips

There has been a lot of discussion about the limitations on customizing the single post pages in Divi. After all, we have been spoiled by the new Page Builder features in Divi. Its given us a new freedom in design and layout and some of us just can’t get enough     Recently our friend […]

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26 Oct October 26, 2014

How to Add A Favicon to Your WordPress Website

Eileen Lonergan 4 WordPress Design
how to add a favicon to your wordpress website

A few weeks ago my buddy from Get5Stars took a look at my website and sent me a list of items where my website / blog needed improvement.  I was beyond grateful, because it is really really hard to see your own work with fresh eyes.   On the list of his suggestions was that I […]

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google analytics-1

As much as you trust your team and your close friends, you don’t always want to provide them with user names and passwords to all of your accounts, especially you Google Account. For me, a lot of clients ask me to look at their Google Analytics and they can easily add me to their account […]

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Out of the many ways a brand can inspire trust and loyalty, utilizing compelling visual content to tell or extend a story is what will be most successful in sparking emotion in any audience. Whether a brand tells their story best by sharing images or an animated video, there are several mediums to explore that […]

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08 Oct October 08, 2014

Are You Showing Up for Yourself?

Eileen Lonergan 8 Blogging
Are You Showing Up for Yourself

I have been doing a lot of work lately with clients who are launching, or struggling to launch their blogs. One hurdle that keeps coming up for everyone, is time. How will I manage to post each week. I don’t want to start something I can’t finish. I will come back to blogging / building […]

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08 Oct October 08, 2014

5 Lessons From Shark Tank For Startup Success

Ivan Serrano 6 Entrepreneurs
5 Lessons From Shark Tank For Startup Success

Launching a startup is a dream for many entrepreneurs. However, what are the odds of this dream coming true? Over the course of ABC’s Shark Tank, nearly 400 entrepreneurs pitched their business ideas to investors and only 187 deals were made; however only a third of those deal were closed. Although the odds of launching […]

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