10 Feb February 10, 2016

How to Take Photos Like You See on Unsplash

Eileen Lonergan 2 Design Tips
unsplash event in boston

A couple of weeks ago I took advantage of a free workshop in Boston co sponsored by Apple and Unsplash. Boston is about an hour away, and I am not really one for driving into the city on a school night for a class – but this opportunity was too good to miss. Just like […]

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27 Jan January 27, 2016

I Am Just Going to Brag & Ask a Favor

Eileen Lonergan 10 Just for Fun

Yesterday I was working with one of my blogger clients and she said to me, “did I tell you my good news” (and news is plural here) – she has been approached by two separate organizations for two impressive gigs: one writing a book and another, being a featured speaker at an event in her […]

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22 Jan January 22, 2016

Search Engine Optimization in 2016

Eileen Lonergan 2 SEO
Kate Toon

I haven’t written about SEO in ages.  It is still very interesting to me and really more important than ever, as I have heard as many as 50K blog posts are created each day.  That number could be enormously inaccurate, but the point is, more and more people are creating content constantly – blog posts, […]

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13 Jan January 13, 2016

The Most Important Thing A Web Designer Needs

Eileen Lonergan 6 Just for Fun
fitbit | web design tools

Now there’s a throwdown statement! What came to mind, a totally tricked out mac, high speed internet connection, and amazing VA, an in depth knowledge of CSS & HTML or a bat phone right through to Matt Mullenweg himself? Nope, my friends, what you need is a Fitbit. I know what you are thinking, how […]

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16 Dec December 16, 2015

Free Design Bundle

Eileen Lonergan 0 Design Tips
Font offer

How about this for a holiday bonous – nearly $700 worth of design elements from Design Cuts for FREE! I am a big fan of free I am also a big fan of having a library of design elements at the ready for when interesting projects present themselves. The little touches of professionaly created elements […]

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10 Dec December 10, 2015

Cool Font Tool

Eileen Lonergan 2 Design Tips

Choosing fonts is the most fun, most annoying and most time consuming project.  You can absolutely get lost in the process, I know I do.  I have three Pinterest boards devoted to fonts.  The problem for me is that I frequently love the way a font looks when it is in the display mode, then […]

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03 Dec December 03, 2015

How to Use the Divi Map Module

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Pro Tip for The Divi Theme

Q. Help, my Divi map is zooming in too far and too crazy and it is making me dizzy. A.  Turn off the Mouse Wheel Zoom. Ah ha!  The answer came from Andrew Palmer, of Somebody’s Hero – he should probably rename is site to Eileen’s Hero.  BUT this tip is so handy I wanted […]

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Pro Tip for The Divi Theme

This is a repost, as the code I sent out to you originally was throwing off errors.  This is cleaned up and has been tested and works just find thanks to Klaus Troger. You know how suddenly something that never bothered you before is all of a sudden is making you nuts?  Well for me, it […]

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12 Nov November 12, 2015

BareBoston A New Blog Project

Eileen Lonergan 2 WordPress Design
Bare Boston

I was delighted to get an email from a woman who had been trying to get her blog launched for six months and was at the point of reaching out for some help and just getting launched.  The concept of her blog, BareBoston, is clean living, natural beauty products, delicious recipes, fashion.  It is basically […]

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03 Nov November 03, 2015

Finances for the Small Business Owner

Eileen Lonergan 0 Business
admin for web designers

I originally wrote this post in 2013, but I think it is important, so I am making a few tweaks and running it again. I hope I have enough cache, or good will that they don’t decide I am a naughty spammer for repeating content, but as financials are one of my least favorite parts […]

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26 Oct October 26, 2015

The School of Greatness Book Review

Eileen Lonergan 1 business books
lewis howes | school of greatness

I wrote a post last February, the 10 Things I Learned from Listening to Lewis Howes Podcast and I am a big fan of his show.  When he announced that he was looking for people to be part of his The School of Greatness book launch team, I jumped.  First, after listening and learning so much […]

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23 Oct October 23, 2015

How to Create a Sleek-Looking Charging Station

Eileen Lonergan 1 Just for Fun
iphone charger

This post is by guest author Katherine Oakes.  I thought it would be a nice diversion from the usual for you to read about organizing your space.  I have to say, chargers are a big discussion in my house, because they always seem to go missing, or there are too many/few of the wrong cords, […]

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working while being treated for breast cancer

I have been looking forward to this post going live since June, which is when I realized that October was Breast Cancer Awareness month and that meant I would be deep into my chemo treatments. ‘Deep into’ for me means closer to being over than just going in for a mastectomy. As of now I […]

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Divi Theme for WordPress

People often ask what the default column widths are for the Divi theme and I thought I would share these with you.  As you probably know already, uploading images in the exact size they are going to appear on your website is best for the site loading speed.  Also, I like to make my images […]

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08 Sep September 08, 2015

How to Get More Blog Comments

Eileen Lonergan 2 Blogging

Anyone with a blog knows the exciting feeling of the email notification, You Have a New Blog Comment! Hot Dang – not only has someone read your post, they have been motivated to jump into the conversation. A modern day salon right there on your url. There are positives to getting comments on your blog: […]

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02 Sep September 02, 2015

Advanced WordPress Cheat Sheet

Eileen Lonergan 0 WordPress Design
Pro Tips | Webmaster Tools-1

Regardless of how much a WordPress theme offers you with their built in features, clients and web designers invariably want customizations. Mike Wallagher of StartBloggin.com shared this handy cheat sheet with me and I thought you may find it helpful. Thank you for sharing Mike!

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28 Aug August 28, 2015

Ways to Grow Your Audience

Ways to Grow Your Audience | Eileen Lonergan

Recently I connected with New York City Comedian Jenn Welch who was gracious enough to share with me her experience with Periscope for a blog post on the topic.  I learned a lot from Jenn and researching Periscope and one big take away was that there are lots of different ways to your grow your audience. […]

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periscope for small businesses

I am running into just as many people who have NOT heard of Periscope as those who LOVE the new(ish) platform so let me begin by telling you a little bit about Periscope in case you haven’t begun using it yet. The start up behind the App was purchased by Twitter in March for $100 MILLION! […]

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Pro Tip for The Divi Theme

You may have noticed the trend with having a logo appear as a transparent layer over a hero image on a homepage.  Personally I love the look and can’t think of a better example than in the Cafe Child Theme (which you can download for free and use it with the Divi Theme). I recently used […]

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28 Jul July 28, 2015

How to Edit the Footer of Your Divi Theme

Eileen Lonergan 0 Design Tips
divi footer editor

I see this question all the time in the Divi Users Facebook Group and figured I would post the options that I find easiest to use. First, you can edit the php files.  This isn’t particularly complicated, but it can be scary for some if you are not comfortable with the Editor files.  Note: you […]

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