19 Mar March 19, 2012

Chiropractic Group Website

I recently launched a website for C.O.R.E. Sacramento, a professional development group for Chiropractors in Sacramento, CA.

For this site I used the The SmallBiz WordPress Theme from Expand2Web. I choose the All-In-One Layout, which is one of 11 layouts offers with the theme.

I also installed a Members Only area, which members of the group can access with the secret password. Protected pages include videos from previous meetings. Visit this previous post on how to Password Protect a WordPress Page.

For a group calendar function I used Kieran O’Shea’s calendar plugin. It is very simple to use and with a few tweaks of the CSS I could customize the color scheme.

C.O.R.E. Sacramento | WordPress Websites | Chiropractor

I would love to design your Chiropractic Website with WordPress, to begin the collaboration please be in touch, 508.317.7355.

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