11 Oct October 11, 2012

Facebook Business Page Not Able to Like Another Facebook Business Page

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This seems to be a hot topic and a relatively new development: Business Pages are finding that they are unable to use Facebook as that page, go to another Page and click Like.  After 3 calls from different people trying to get themselves sorted, I worked with Gary of  ShopInverclyde.com, who called because was struggling with this for his  Facebook Page for ShopInverclyde and here was the issue:

  • He did not have a personal Facebook Page – only the business page.

How it was resolved:

  • He had to set up an email account just to use for this Facebook account (Gmail, Yahoo, aol, etc)
  • Register a Personal Facebook account and LIKE the business page that you want wish to be the Administrator for.
  • Log out of the personal Facebook Page and log back into the Facebook as the business.
  • Go into the edit page option and scrolled down to “Admin Roles”, type in the email for the personal Facebook account and click save.   It will then asked for the business password and a captcha
  • Log out of the business page and log back into the personal page.
  • You will see that you have been made a Manager of your own business page, choose to use Facebook as that Page and then like away!

How to Like a Business as a Business on FacebookIf you have a moment go visit Gary on Facebook and LIKE if this helped solve your issue!  This post fully explains How a Facebook Business Page Likes Another Facebook Business Page.

If you need some help, call!  508.317.7355.


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3 thoughts on “Facebook Business Page Not Able to Like Another Facebook Business Page

  1. Mike Doughty says:

    Can a personal Facebook account administrate more than one Facebook Business page?

  2. Yes Mike, you certainly may act as an Administrator on more than one Facebook page.

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