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How A Business “Likes” Another Business on Facebook

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I have an updated version of this post > How A Business Can Like Another Business on Facebook.

YES, a business can like another business.  There are two ways to do this.  First, toggle your account from your personal account to your business account, find the page you are interesting in Liking and click Like.

Or, find the page you are looking for, scroll down the left hand side of the page and look for Add to My Pages Favorites.  Here are a few screen shots and a video.

Option 1:

  • Switch from your personal account to the Business Page Account
  • Find the Page you want to follow
  • scroll to the bottom left column and “Like”

Use Facebook as a Business PageFollow A Business on Facebook

Or, Option 2:

  • Find the Page you want to follow
  • Scroll to bottom left column and look for “Add to Page Favorites”
  • Click that button and the pages you manage will populate, choose the appropriate page

How A Business Can Like A Business on Facebook

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