Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine ranking doesn’t happen by accident.  When a potential consumer types a “keyword phrase” into Google, your business can be listed either organically (a free listing) or in a paid search result (typically the very top results shown in the blue box on a page, or the results listed along the right hand side of the search results page).

I have been doing search engine optimization since 2002.  Spending this much time in the trenches affords me the knowledge of what works, what doesn’t what is a fad and what strategies are proven for success.  As a Google Adwords Professional, I have devoted a considerable amount of attention to understanding how to get clients listed in the pages of Google, Yahoo! and Bing.  Combining search engine optimization with design is what separates me from other designers or search engine optimization experts.  I successfully incorporate both for all of my clients.

I will get your business exposure on the internet and in the minds of consumers.  Call 508.317.3755 or write to begin the discussion of your business and we can work to get your website found by the search engines.

A few samples of clients success:

Flour Girls Baking Co. is ranked #1 for their primary keyword: Bakery Marion MA

SEO Specialist | MA | Search Engine Optimization

Page Insurance in Guilford CT has three listings on Page one of Google for their primary search term.

SEO Specialist | MA

Jim Craig’s official website was competing against other sites to rank for his name.

SEO Specialist | MA | Search Engine Optimization