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Living Your Life in Perpetual Beta

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Living Your Life in Perputal Beta | Eileen LonerganIs living your life in beta is just today’s term for someone who can’t get their #$%! together?

While listening to a pod cast between Mitch Joel and Ben Casnocha, co-author of The Startup of You the phrase “live your life in perpetual beta came up”.

It was one of those moments when I needed to turn off the iPod and just think for a bit – do I have the personality to live my life in beta? Do I have the skill set to run my business in beta? What have I put on auto pilot and where am I pushing the boundaries?  I am a mother of three girls, that is a lot of beta in and of itself isn’t it?

Did you know that this phrase is actually a documentary film, Life in Perpetual Beta? “Life in Perpetual Beta is a documentary film about the ways in which technology has/is/will change the ways in which we think about ourselves as individuals and a society. It is exploring the cultural shift that technology creates as it enables people to live less planned and more passionate lives.”

Phew!  I don’t have to buy a VW and pack up the fam and hit the road to live my life in beta, I can do this through technology.  I can do this!  I am a tri-fecta Apple user (iPhone, iPad, OS Lion).  I have a blog.  I build websites.  I don’t think I have a life less planned though, except I don’t have a commute and I don’t have a boss, and I do have a business which is only possible through the evolution of technology.  Voilà!?  Hmm, am I in vogue without knowing it?  Doubt it.

I sometimes feel chained to the web, not liberated by the opportunities.  But bring the Jaws of Life if you try to take away my iPad.

I would love to know:

  • Do you embrace you life as a beta philosophy?  
  • Is there a specific piece of technology that enabled you to live in beta?
  • Were you even aware of this phrase?
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17 thoughts on “Living Your Life in Perpetual Beta

  1. Laura says:

    Bring on the beta life! I have never heard of the philosophy but I like it. We have so many ways to be beta but the mindset of having to be at a desk working so many hours seems to be set in my brain. Maybe it is time to re-think? Thanks for the beta pep talk! : )

  2. Same for me Laura, I feel I need to be at my desk to be productive, yet connecting with people, looking at art and enjoying nature really feed your spirit!

  3. Diana says:

    Eileen – I’ve never heard of the phrase and frankly, I’m confused by what it means and whether or not “living in beta” is a desirable place to be!

  4. Julie Larson says:

    Hmmmm….yes, I think beta is a good term for life in general. We plan it one way and then all kinds of “bugs” come up that we learn from and get through. :)

  5. I was never aware of the phrase but I find it intriguing. I think “beta” definitely describes this technological era but I really enjoy it. I think as much as it can trap you, there is something very “freeing” about finding new and wonderful ways of communicating and learning.

  6. Thanks for your comment Brenda. I agree, I think that “freeing” is a wonderful choice of words! You have done a wonderful job of utilizing platforms for collaboration of liked minded people to connect and share ideas. Finding these types of groups is freeing in that we save time by reaching out to others for help and support. You are a great example of living life in perpetual beta!

  7. As a mother of twins I think you got the beta thing in your personal life nailed! As a web entrepreneur you seem to be making it happen professionally as well, nice work!

  8. Julie Larson says:

    Eileen, I didn’t know you are a mother of twins, too!

  9. I wish! I always wanted twins, I meant you!!!!

  10. I am surprised by your response Diana. For a woman who just wrote about the modern way to build a website on her blog yesterday I would certainly think you have embraced the concept of living beta.

  11. Diana says:

    I may very well have embraced the concept, Eileen – I am just not clear on what that phrase MEANS. I had not heard it before, listened to the podcast or watched the documentary.

  12. It seems to me that living life in beta is just another way of saying living on the leading edge, embracing change as and when it comes along, something I’ve been doing since I was a child. I’ve had dozens of jobs, built hundreds of businesses, lived in 11 different cities in my first 10 years of marriage, and many more after that. I went were life took me. I’ve been on the leading edge of ideas and technology and chosen a variety of concepts to incorporate in what I am doing at the time. As I turned 60 years of age I was in the middle of a 180 degree turn in my “career” path, embracing yet a new approach which I am doing now. As I do these things myself I bring others along with me, those who are willing and brave enough, teaching and mentoring a select group of adventurers and pioneers working exclusively from their homes or carrying the burden of “second” jobs. There is so much opportunity today it is such a shame that so many people feel held back, tied down, and lost in a sea of confusion. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Eileen. Perhaps you will touch, and awaken, one or two more and set them free. -Steve/wiz.

  13. Cheers Dr. Reverend Henry! You are walking the walk and talking the talk, leading the pioneers all the way. Thank you for reaching out. I love the list of book recommendations on your site, great idea.

  14. Tim Ludy says:

    Hi Eileen,
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and for asking for our input via our Facebook group! Good idea!
    I had not heard the term before but I like it. We are all in a state of change from one day to the next.
    Look at Google, I think most of the products they produce stay in beta for years, then they change the name to something else… Tim

  15. I agree, I think the term is awesome, and I think for people like us, who are working in WordPress, SEO and other digital platforms the beta mentality keeps you relevant to your clients. Thank you for your comment Tim.

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